When The Musics Over – Ian Thomas

When The Music’s Over His steps had been charted by a gradual ascent along a gently undulating pathway. A glittering array of stars twinkled above like a plethora of fireflies in the wilderness, swooping and diving with imperceptible movement as he continued on this astral staircase. A vast panorama of hallucinogenic landscape opened up before … Continue reading When The Musics Over – Ian Thomas


Poetry – Ian Thomas

Here are a few shorter poems written by Ian.   2:30 It was 2:30 in the morning, Disaster came without warning, Couldn’t make out what Mama said, Policeman say; “Your daddy, he’s dead,” Blood pounding hard I didn’t believe, Heartbeat fast, I couldn’t breathe, The crew hit town, it was getting so hot, Running for … Continue reading Poetry – Ian Thomas